Mint your Como Te Llamas

Welcome to the Herd

A collection of 1,111 unique non-fungible tokens, comprised of 205+ possible traits, living on the Solana blockchain.

Our Story

We are a project with purpose! We’re a group of friends who like to enjoy all that life has to offer and find fulfillment in the process.

We've realized the importance of having a place in which we can relax, have fun, and truly be ourselves. Our love for memes, messed-up humor, and a pinch of self-improvement, is what led us to this – The Como Te Llamas. They are a passport to a new community and life. Together we will follow Jake the Llama on his adventures through the Llamaverse. But we are only at the beginning of our journey. Let’s see where this road takes us!

Holder Benefits

This project is all about helping us live life to the max! So owning a CTL allows each and every one of the holders access to community events and comedy shows in the Metaverse.

Even more, we are giving away numerous prizes via raffles for the community!

Each of the 1,111 Como Te Llamas is worth 1 raffle entry and each Legendary 1/1 llama is worth 10 entries. Take a look at the prizes!

3rd Place

You get to design and name a 1/1 llama with a custom background (worth 10 raffle tickets)!

2nd Place

Tickets for 2 to the event of your choosing or a dinner at a Michelin star restaurant near you! You will also get a 1/1 llama you design and name (worth 10 raffle tickets)!

The GRAND PRIZE for Season 1

An ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP TO BALI FOR YOU AND A FRIEND!!! Also, the 1/1 llama you design and name will be featured in the next season of Jake’s adventures!

Roadmap 1.0

Just like our demons, these jokes will never die.
Here’s our roadmap going forward



Minting Begins on the CTL website with 3 Legendary 1/1 Llamas scattered throughout the collection like golden tickets

Private Como Te Llamas ( CTL ) Discord channel becomes accessible

We unlock the Adventures of Jake



Jake can finally move out of his mom's house...



A sneak peak of the Your Golden Buddha book!

Monthly Contest Announced via YouTube Lives - w/ reaction videos to best community jokes and memes



Community Wallet: ACTIVATED

for events, Roadmap 2.0, and the future of the Como Te Llamas project

Inside access AMA for project vision and what’s next



Airdrops to CTL holders

The top CTL holder and two random holders will receive a Legendary 1/1 Llama!!

5 White-listers and 5 more random holders will be airdropped a Llama



TIME TO PARTY!!! We will host a private event in the metaverse with world renowned comedians

Jake's adventure begins and the LEGENDARY 1 of 1 Llamas are released

The raffles begin for the Grand Prize of Season 1 of Jake's adventures - An all expense paid trip to Bali for 2!!

We begin the next phase of the Como Te Llamas – Roadmap 2.0

Roadmap 2.0

The future for the Como Te Llamas will contain multiple seasons of Jake's Adventures, private digital events w/ performances by comedians, the “Your Golden Buddha” book launch, and much more!

(We'd of course be open to community bonding days filled with trust falls and macaroni picture making stations as well)

Additionally, 10% of all transaction fees will go toward the community wallet and 5% toward the charities you choose.

But this is just the beginning…
Jake's adventure's will continue in future seasons with even crazier prizes!!
So lean back, and let's enjoy the ride!

The Team


The Lyme may be chronic but this ass is iconic


Not all who wander are lost but I sure am


Loves trying to explain to his parents what he does for a living


Who are you and what are you doing in my house?